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International reserves are “those external assets that are readily available to and controlled by monetary authorities for meeting balance of payments financing needs, for intervention in exchange markets to affect the currency exchange rate, and for other related purposes (such as maintaining confidence in the currency and the economy and serving as a basis for foreign borrowing”)

Central banks normally appoint a reserves management entity who is normally made responsible to use their nations wealth to enhance economic growth and purchase in local currency to limit depleting their foreign exchange reserves.

As an expert reserves management entity, we help Central Banks and Governments to manage their gold production, maintaining adequate gold reserves liquidity, developing a gold trading eco-system and mitigating their associated risks.


Gold Off-take

Gold Off-take Agreements between a producer and buyer to sell/buy portions or all the produced gold quantities.

Gold Streaming

Precious metals streaming between mining companies and streaming companies in order to purchase all or part of the production at a predetermined discounted price to which both parties agree,in return of upfront financing for mining companies looking for capital.

Gold Procurement

  • Gold doré bars from various mining countries across multiple continents
  • Conversion of doré to fine gold bars of global good delivery standards
  • Sourcing LBMA, Borsa Istanbul and DMCC accredited bullion bar.
  • Selling gold bars in global markets


Mineral Exploration

  • Technical Reporting & 3D Geological Modelling
  • Remote Sensing & Geophysics
  • Mineral Resource Estimation
  • Exploration Project Audit & Geological Studies

Mining Engineering

  • Mine Design & Engineering
  • Civil & Structural Engineering

Mining Economics & Finance

  • Bankable Feasibility Study
  • Mining Risk Assessment
  • IPO & Off-take Process
  • EPC Contract

Mining Operations

  • Hard Rock
  • Tailing
  • Placer Deposits

Metallurgical Studies

  • Extractive Metallurgy
  • Mineral Processing
  • Flow Chart Design
  • Optimization Studies

Secure Logistics

Together with other services, we provide custodian, storage, and full inventory services for physical gold globally.

  • Long term, short term and transit period
  • Web based inventory management
  • Inventory audits
  • Insurance
  • Transportation to Global Markets (eg: Turkish Airlines)
  • State-of-the-art secure vaulting in global locations - New York, London, Zurich, Istanbul, Dubai & Singapore

Asset Management

We invest in financial assets following the mantra: safety, liquidity and return and we actively generate return, reduce credit risk or raise foreign exchange liquidity.

  • Deposits
  • Swaps
  • Bonds
  • Collateralization

Bullion Trading

  • Dedicated physical, trading desk and online platforms.
  • Range of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
  • Derivatives trading - spot, futures, options, etc.
  • Hedging and fixing.
  • Refining and assaying.
  • Sourcing of gold doré bars, recycled gold, and bullion bars and coins.

Trading Platform

Gold Reserves Program