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Borsa Istanbul (BIST)

Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. convened all the exchanges operating in the Turkish capital markets under a single roof and started its operation on the 3rd April, 2013.

The main purpose and field of activity of Borsa İstanbul is described as follows: “In accordance with the provisions of the Law and the related legislation, to ensure that capital markets instruments, foreign currencies, precious metals and gems, and other contracts, documents, and assets approved by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey are traded subject to free trade conditions in a facile and secure manner, in a transparent, efficient, competitive, fair and stable environment; to create, establish and develop markets, sub-markets, platforms, systems and other organised market places for the purpose of matching or facilitating the matching of the buy and sell orders for the above mentioned assets and to determine and announce the discovered prices; to manage and/or operate the aforementioned or other exchanges or markets of other exchanges; and to carry out the other activities listed in its Articles of Association.”

Borsa İstanbul Members consist of the intermediary institutions authorized to operate in the capital market and institutions authorized to operate in the Precious Metals and Diamond Markets.

Jewellery Exporters' Association

Jewellery Exporters' Association is a semi-governmental non-profit association, which was founded in July 2003 with the decision of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Turkey and is affiliated with Ministry of Economy. The Association has more than 1000 member companies recently and has been a fundamental organization that fosters jewellery exports, prompts exporters to reach more markets abroad and to secure a greater share in these markets.

Basic aims of Jewellery Exporters' Association can be addressed as follows:

  • Guiding the export activities of member firms
  • Providing sectoral collaboration
  • lmproving the export volume of the sector in line with the benefits of our country
  • Carrying out all documentary work concerning export operations
  • Ensuring guidance for foreign importers to meet the right producers in Turkey
  • Resolving problems faced by members arising from legal transactions and any problem related with export activities
  • Performing better promotion of the sector in the international domain

DEMAD - Precious Metals Stone and Foreign Exchange Market Institutions and Organizations Association

DEMAD was established by the leading institutions of the sector as a result of an admirable agreement. Our founding members Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Precious Metals Market Brokerage Institutions and Organizations. The purpose of its establishment is to address the problems arising in the Turkish precious metal and stone market to offer solutions to relevant private and public institutions and move these markets further to reveal projects and support necessary studies.

Turkey precious metals market in 1995 with the establishment of Istanbul Gold Exchange organized has a market. In 2012, Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Precious Metals and Stones Market was established and gathered under one roof with capital markets.