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If you are our customer, supplier, please fill out the relevant KYC form.

Account Opening Procedure

  • Download the relevant Account Opening Application Form – Supplier or Customer
  • Email us the completed Account Opening Application Form and supporting documents
  • For mined gold, additional forms to be completed
  • KYC, Risk Analysis and Screening
  • Risk & Compliance Committee Approval
  • Finalize Commercial Terms
  • Execution of Legal Agreements (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of account opening for the approved business activity
  • Ongoing transactions
  • Risk Analysis and Screening at-least once within 6 months of account opening

Please fill out the form in its entirety, save and email to We will review and get back to you on how to finalize the process.

  • We only accept documents in English or Turkish.
  • The list above are basic minimum requirements, we may request for additional supporting documents if deemed necessary during the account opening procedure.
  • Please be informed that documents and information including the company, shareholders, beneficial owners, and person/s who will operate the account are processed and checked against the World-Check Solutions database and other third-party due diligence software and service providers as part of our compliance procedure
  • For further assistance and clarification, please contact the Compliance Department by phone at +90 212 603 04 81 or by email at
  • AgaBullion reserves the right to reject or deny an application without disclosing the reason.
  • You can view our Client Acceptance and Overview Policy from the link below.