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AgaBullion Recognized as Top 3 Gold Exporters

by AgaBullion
AgaBullion Recognized as Top 3 Gold Exporters

We are honored and humbled to be acknowledged as the top 3 placed entities in Turkey for the export of gold jewellery to international markets in H1, 2021. This accolade was published by the ‘Turkish Jewellery Exporters Association’.

In previous months, AgaBullion also achieved the number 1 ranking in trading activities on the Borsa Istanbul.

Since the implementation of new local regulations, we as a regulated ‘Borsa Istanbul’ member have revised our business model to support their strategic objectives and plans that are in accordance with higher federal government authorities in Turkey. At the same time, we have ensured that our clients continue to enhance their business in international markets.

As a proud member of the Borsa Istanbul, we will continue to support the new framework and bring innovative compliant solutions to the market for long term sustainability and increasing the reputation of our centuries heritage of being a physical bullion and jewellery hub of significant relevance in global markets.

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