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Regulation, deregulation

by Ali Canbaz
Regulation, deregulation

If there is a certain regulation with different rules and rules in a market, it is called "regulation", if it is possible to expand the rules given or determined more and to provide some of them in order to organize a freer investment environment in that market, it is called "deregulation". . (Abdelhamid,2017)

Many different local situations such as the price policies set by the governments no longer necessary, the economic conditions of the enclosures and the foreign exchange decisions, the import and export policies, especially customs, of many different local situation enterprises to seize the attractiveness or attractiveness of controlling the protectors in the markets. Sometimes, in order to be able to take place in certain markets, they must directly meet the legal provisions, while some features set these restrictions or there are legal incentives provided by the government.

The starting paragraph above is İ.Ü. It is an excerpt from the Faculty of Business Administration textbook. While reading these sentences, the latest situation of the industry I was in came to life.

The jewelry industry is a very large industry with its sub-sectors. The industry, which has become an industry, has an established order with the definition of regulation above for years, and has its own rules and operating style. Many professionals coming from outside the sector may experience serious difficulties in adaptation when they first come to this sector.

The points expressed in the second paragraph describe the exact time we live in. The sector, which creates a balance within the framework of free market rules, can fall into a troubled situation with the decisions taken and imposed by the governments for different reasons. With the restrictions imposed on the import of gold against goods two months ago, the sector was suddenly condemned to experience difficulties in the supply of gold and to buy the gold it found at premium prices. When the production and workmanship made with gold purchased at premium prices were not accepted in foreign markets, market and customer losses began. Foreign market customers, which were won with great effort over a long period of time, began to shift to rival country sectors.

Maybe this practice, which started with good intentions at the beginning and was made to protect the dollar reserves and to reduce the current account deficit a bit, brought a large sector to the point of ending, the end of exports. The exporters were in a very difficult situation due to the obligations in the banking sector related to foreign exchange.


In short, every sector settles into a balance over the years. Unfortunately, external interventions often do more harm than good.

Finally, it is very important for decision makers to sit down and make an accounting of the decisions they have made and work on getting them back in order without interfering too much with the regulated flow in their own medium.

However, good will alone is not enough to achieve something. It is essential to know the job and have the qualifications…

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