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5 reasons to buy gold now

by AgaBullion
5 reasons to buy gold now

The current economic environment is extremely fragile. Investors are struggling to decide whether they should put their resources in equities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities, real estate and so on.

In these unpredictable and unprecedented times, it is vital to maintain a balanced diversified portfolio of investments.

This is where gold comes to mind for the following reasons:

1. Reduces risk

In normal conditions, the gold price rise is inversely proportional to USD denominated assets thereby offsetting any losses.

Even the biggest hedge funds hold gold because it has endured the test of time and they know it will get them out of tough spots in the longer term.

2. Well regulated

Given the long history of gold as a trading commodity, regulation around gold reaches back several hundred years.

This means a stable platform for trading gold, without the risks of other forms of investment such as cryptocurrency.

Global acceptance of gold means if you decide to shift home to another part of the world, you'll easily find a well-regulated market for investing and trading in gold.

3. Easy to trade

Gold is always in demand regardless of the price and there's no need to worry about liquidating your assets in gold.

Whether it's immediate cash through selling through a trusted gold merchant or pledging them and taking a loan from a banking institution, trading gold as a commodity is a simple process.

4. Easy to pass on to the next generation

Physically owning gold in the form bullion, coins, or jewellery means there are no extra steps you have to take with a financial institution to pass on to the kids or grandchildren.

5. Low maintenance

Once stored securely in a safe environment like a vault, the only thing you have to remember is where you've kept it.

There's no active management required unlike other forms of investment such as stocks or real estate and can simply sit somewhere for hundreds of years.

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