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5 Reasons to Invest in Platinum Coins

by AgaBullion
5 Reasons to Invest in Platinum Coins


Another one of the biggest draws about platinum investing is tied directly to its demand: its consistent rising market value.
Over the past half-century, the market price of platinum has only risen. A precious metal that was once only a couple of hundred dollars per ounce in the 1960s now sees prices well over one thousand dollars per ounce.
Through every recession and economic setback of the past several decades, the value of platinum has both held strong and risen.

2) Versatility

Another attractive feature about platinum investing is the fact that platinum itself is a highly versatile precious metal. As previously mentioned, not only is it extremely conductive, but it's also very malleable and resistant to rust. Because of these properties, platinum is used throughout the dental industry for inlays, bridge restorations, and crowns. In addition, any jewelry made from platinum is guaranteed to have staying power. Whether for conductivity, structural integrity, or enduring aesthetic beauty, platinum's value stays virtually unchallenged.


One of the most reliable benefits of investing in platinum coins is that such precious metals are almost always in demand. Especially now that the platinum industry has recovered from a brief, pandemic-inspired slump in 2020, many experts expect market demand to rise.
Whether for coins, watches, or other valuables and jewelry, numerous industries see a constant need for platinum. This sustained demand and lack of market volatility will mean that your platinum investment is all the more protected.

4) Multi-Use

Considered one of the rarest metals in the world, there's no question as to why so many industries utilize and understand the value of platinum. It is utilized all over the world in the automotive, medical, jewelry, and even investment industries.
The computer you're reading this article on right now most likely has platinum built into it as it supports many electronic applications. Platinum can be used to connect pacemakers and is also used in the making of catalytic converters.
The uses of platinum in today's world truly are varied. Not only does platinum help power electric vehicles with zero emissions, but it can also help you store more of those valuable family photos on your hard drive.

5) Liquidity

An investment that can be turned into cash is considered liquid. High liquidity equals a higher chance of cash potential.
Gold is an extremely liquid commodity. Huge volumes of it get traded on the daily. Because platinum has low liquidity, it is more susceptible to swings in price. In theory, this makes it easier to buy low and sell high.
There is also less platinum in circulation than there is gold. If purchases of platinum rise, the low liquidity makes it easier for the price to rise with fewer buys.

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