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Bank Gold Accounts

by Ali Canbaz
Bank Gold Accounts

With the increase in demand in recent years, it has started to provide services to those who want to serve gold investors and direct their deposits on gold basis, through the gold-based accounts they expect.

How do bank gold accounts work?

Those who have a physical paradise, have their existing gold checked by the contracted experts of the banks and have their 24 carat equivalents calculated, and have their gold processed in the accounts opened in their own name at the bank.

Or you can make gold transfers by purchasing gold directly from your deposit accounts in foreign currency that are held by the bank.

While getting rid of the risk of hiding physical privacy with the gold accounts you have, you benefit from the price changes in the markets as pure gold.

In addition, if you turn it into a gold time account, it is possible to benefit from an interest or profit payment depending on the maturity.

How to withdraw gold from gold account?

Although you have a gold account in banks, there is no physical gold in banks. Therefore, it is not possible to buy your current gold like in TL or other foreign currency accounts.

However, you can withdraw the gold in your account in cash in TL or other foreign currency by selling with the gold buying rate of your bank as of that day, and you can buy physical gold from the market.

Especially in recent days, when there are high premiums in gold prices, the increase in the gap between buying and selling can be costly for the gold owner.

Is it possible to use the gold in the gold account without selling it?

Just as you can make eft or money order transfers over your accounts in foreign currency, you can easily transfer the gold you have in your gold accounts to other accounts. Here, transactions can be made with gold IBAN numbers.

With the developing technologies, your gold accounts are now included in the payment instrument alternatives.

You can pay for your online shopping on a private basis. The important point here is that the seller has determined the prices of the products he sells on an individual basis and has opened a gold account in a bank for transfer.

Is it possible to buy physical gold with bank gold?

You can make a purchase by listing the prices of all products sold on AgaKulche.com on a per-person basis.

When you transfer the specific gold amounts of the products you have selected to the gold account specified in the payment section, your gold will reach you effortlessly.

Can I buy gold in my gold account in the bank without going to the bank?

You can choose the product defined as IBAN Gold on AgaKulche.com, and if you pay the price of the gold gram you have chosen with a credit card or with transfer options such as wire transfer or eft, the transaction will be completed by transferring the gold you have purchased to your personal bank gold account.

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