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Gold refineries and refining.

by AgaBullion
Gold refineries and refining.

It is not possible to use it as this, as gold ore, which has a very important place in human history, contains many metals as it is pure in nature.

In order for gold to be processed in the fields of use, it must be decomposed from other metals in it and become suitable for processing.

Gold Refinery; It refines precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium, especially gold and silver.

Gold refineries purify gold extracted from mines by passing scrap gold brought from abroad and abroad and gold brought to be refinery from different channels through a number of processes and decompose it from other metals in its composition.


In refineries, mines that have been treated in many scientific methods are decomposed and each of them becomes available alone in its pure form.

Ingot gold weighing 1kg and 12.5 kg is more intensely traded in market transactions, exchanges, banks, precious mining companies and central banks, where transactions are more financial clearing transactions.

Purified gold is offered to the market in 1 kg or 12.5 kg ingots with world-class purity grades of 995 or 999.9. Available in different gram of 250 g and 500 gr’ according to the market's demand. In recent years, there are also many product alternatives ranging from 1 g to 100 g in the same purity for the use of the last consumer.


After leaving the gold mine, it enters a cycle and this cycle continues for many years. Gold is not a metal that is exhausted or destroyed as it is used. It always exists with different shapes and specials.

The ore from the mine comes to the commercial commodity traitor in its pure form as granules or ingot after the refinery, gold bullion has been changing hands for years as a financial clearing tool or can be stored in a safe for years. Even after years, when he leaves the safe, he does not lose anything from his value.


Gold, which is taken into the hands of a producer firm or master in its pure form, is adjusted according to different preferences and serves many jewelry as raw materials. After these jewelries reach the end consumers, some are transferred from generation to generation as a marriage. Even after centuries, he can turn back into the cycle and turn back into pure form in the hearth of a refinery. After this process, a new journey begins again. I wish they could tell us about their adventure with humanity, even if it was the language of gold. I'm sure he made very interesting stories.

It can be classified among itself according to having international standards and certificates in refineries.

LBMA Refineries are refineries with international standards and certification. Istanbul Gold Refinery and Rare Metal Refinery are in this class in our country. Apart from these, the stock exchange has been a quota for Istanbul and Ahlıçı, Onsa, Gram Gold and Isgold refineries are available under the authority to trade. Recently, the new refinery close to 10’ has entered the list of treasury ministries for approval. Aleks Metal Refinery has also reached the final stage to obtain a refinery license on this road.

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