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Golden quotes

by Ali Canbaz
Golden quotes

Gold has taken such a place in human life that; It has found a great place for itself in the daily spoken language and concise words. He used gold a lot while expressing things in an indirect way.

This week, instead of writing a blog with information, I tried to compile some words about Gold that were brought to our language and world literature by both anonymous and certain individuals.

Indeed, each sentence contains much more meaning than it is written and forces people to contemplate. Let's read the golden words we have compiled by contemplating.

  • ‘Gold is money. Everything else is credit.’ J. P. Morgan
  • ‘Because gold is honest money it is disliked by dishonest men.’ Ron Paul
  • ‘I like gold because it is a stabilizer; it is an insurance policy.’ Kevin O'Leary
  • ‘In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.’ Alan Greenspan

  • ‘A U.S. dollar is an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. It's a promissory note that doesn't actually promise anything. It's not backed by gold or silver.’ P.J. O'Rourke

  • ‘Money is not something you just print. It must be backed by something, either good economy or gold.’ Mahathir Mohamad

  • ‘I think anybody who is interested in keeping their money safe from the criminal banking system would want gold, silver, and Bitcoin.’ Max Keiser

  • ‘Investing in gold is one of the wisest decisions that you can make as an investor.’ Fabrizio Moreira

  • ‘The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race.’ Gerald M. Loeb

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