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Investment Gold

by Ali Canbaz
Investment Gold

In the articles I have written so far, I have tried to address the investment issues related to gold many times. However, the need to make a statement again was born because there were too many questions about it.

First of all, I have to state that every product containing gold in its content cannot be evaluated for investment purposes. Of course, in the long run, all precious metals gain value, providing a gain or at least a protection against inflation.

The main purpose of the products obtained by processing gold in different settings such as 8K,14K,18K and 22K is to use it as jewelry. The labor given as these products evolve into different visuals and designations for the consumer has a counterpart as labor cost. It is also reflected in the price as a workmanship in the profits that overlap in every hand change, from the manufacturer, wholesaler, wholesaler to the retail store and finally to the end consumer. The first priority in these products is to serve as jewelry.

The closer purity gold is preferred under 1000/1000 pure (has) when it comes to buying gold for investment, the more we avoid labor. As the best service product alternative to this demand, products that are now 995/1000 purity take the lead. Of course, these may have a labor cost due to their production and packaging. However, these costs are very leper at a lower setting compared to their alternatives.

Better in purity than products of 995/1000 purity is gold in 999.9/1000 purity. However, since this purity product is not very common among the end consumer, it is not very concentrated in production at refineries. It should be noted that the most preferred 999.9 purity abroad is gold.

22K(916/1000) products ( especially bracelet ) are generally for jewelry purposes. However, it is a good alternative when it comes to both jewelry and investment preferences.

Ziynet gold and Coin gold group, which are Republican golds with mint outlets, is widely used both as jewelry and investment and souvenirs with habits from the past. Since the purity of these products is 916/1000, their workmanship is higher than 995. However, it is suitable for investment as a second alternative.

If the investment evaluation of the garrafies will be in question, the preference of the old gold will be more accurate. Because it would be unreasonable to pay high labor due to the date symbolizing the year in which it was called new.

The most important issue is when it comes to investment preference. For this reason, how long the investor has an investment plan, this is very important. Because in the short term, investment in gold and profit expectation are completely luck.

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