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New Term in Investment Ingot Gold Production

by Ali Canbaz
New Term in Investment Ingot Gold Production

In our country, which is at the forefront of investing in gold, the first 24-carat 995-purity in gold is the gold that comes to mind when it comes to investment products. 22k products follow. It is a fact that it maintains and adds its own values in its products taken for jewelry purposes.

24-carat products have been bought and sold in the markets for nearly 15 years. Many refineries and production companies have invested in this business and started producing products and selling them in markets.

At the point of origin, the business grew so much that it became imperative to establish a control system and systemically enforce the rules that protect the end consumer from production to sales.

With the work done under the Control of the Ministry of Treasury and the General Directorate of Mint, only refineries were allowed to produce in the production of 24-carat 995 products. It has become clear that manufacturers without refineries can no longer produce these products.

Production of 24-carat products is allowed in refineries, while the production of 22-carat products is prohibited. Production of 22-carat products was limited to Mint.

While these products with 24-carat 995 purity are approved to be produced and packaged in the range of 1gr to 100 g, the production of 0.5gr products available on the market has been terminated.

In all these processes, it was finalized to be carried out under the control of the General Directorate of Mint and to put the necessary procedures into practice.

As a result of the recent developments, the number of refineries, which were previously six in the Ministry's records, also exceeded 15 ’.

Of course, the focus of all these processes is retail customers. These steps are of great importance for increasing demands to be realized in a safe environment.

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