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Places That Shape The Gold Sector in Turkiye

by Ali Canbaz
Places That Shape The Gold Sector in Turkiye

The jewelery industry is a well-developed and deep-rooted business area that includes many sub-sectors.

The Grand Bazaar is the first place that comes to mind when gold is mentioned. The historical bazaar, visited by both domestic and foreign customers as the Grand Bazaar, is still the world's largest covered bazaar with its 4,000 shops, 500 stalls and 21 gates.

Kuyumcukent was built as the production center where the production infrastructure and technology are used more intensively, when the Grand Bazaar, which contains all the components of the sector from the past to the present, could not respond to the demand for advanced facilities in terms of production fields and technological infrastructure needed with the growth of the sector day by day.

Kuyumcukent; A total land area of ??180,000 m², built on a building floor area of ??128,000 m², the first phase was completed in 2005, and consists of two independent blocks: Ateliers Block (7 Factory-type Workshops within it) and Stores Block (2 separate Plazas consisting of shopping malls and offices). They are independent blocks and are connected to each other by tube passages. The blocks rise on a total gross construction area of ??328,000 m².

Kuyumcukent AVM: It set out with the claim of being the first Marriage Shopping Center with a wedding hall and a multi-purpose meeting hall in order to carry Kuyumcukent to an assertive position in the retail area. Kuyumcukent AVM, whose number of stores opened in a short time reached 400, has become one of the important players of the ever-growing marriage sector by putting into service wedding halls with a capacity of 300 and 600 people, a multi-purpose meeting hall and a 450-person Wedding Hall.

Istanbul Vizyon Park Central Plaza C1 – C2 Plazas are built on 69,560.55 m2 as 2 blocks and 326 independent sections on 143.355.22 m2. The project started in 2009, with the latest technology, 280 companies actively work within the Plaza and provide employment for approximately 10,000 people.

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