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5 things to know before the World Market opens 11 November 2023

by AgaBullion
5 things to know before the World Market opens 11 November 2023

Japan - GDP Growth Annualized Prel (Q3)


GDP Annualized Growth Rate shows the gdp growth that would be registered if the quarter-on-quarter rate of change were maintained for a full year.

United Kingdom - Core Inflation Rate YoY (Oct)

In the United Kingdom, the core inflation rate tracks changes in prices that consumers pay for a basket of goods which excludes some volatile price items.

United Kingdom - Inflation Rate YoY (Oct)


In United Kingdom, the most important categories in the Consumer Price Index are: Transport (14%), Housing & Utilities (14%), and Recreation & Culture (13%). Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages account for 12%, Restaurants & Hotels for 11%, Miscellaneous Goods & Services for 9%¸ Furnishings, Household Equipment & Routine Maintenance of the House for 8%, and Clothing & Footwear for 6%. Others include: Alcoholic Drinks, Tobacco & Narcotics (5%), Education (3%), Communication (3%) and Health (2%).

United States - Retail Sales MoM (Oct)


Retail sales report in the US provides aggregated measure of sales of retail goods and services over a period of a month. There are thirteen major types of retailers: Motor vehicle & parts dealers (around 20 percent of total sales), Food & beverage stores (13%), General merchandise stores (12.5%), Food services & drinking places (11%), Gasoline stations (10%), Nonstore retailers (9.2%), Building material & garden dealers (6%), Health & personal care stores (6%), Clothing & clothing accessories stores (5%), Miscellaneous store retailers (2.3%), Furniture stores (2%), Electronics & appliance stores (2%) and Sporting goods, hobby, book & music stores (1.7%).


United States - PPI MoM (Oct)

In the United States, the Producer Price Inflation MoM for final demand measures month-over-month changes in the price for commodities sold for personal consumption, capital investment, government, and export. It is composed of six main price indexes: final demand goods (33 percent of the total weight), which includes food and energy; final demand trade services (20 percent); final demand transportation and warehousing services (4 percent); final demand services less trade, transportation, and warehousing (41 percent); final demand construction (2 percent); and overall final demand.

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