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5 things to know before the World Market opens 25 October 2023

by AgaBullion
5 things to know before the World Market opens 25 October 2023

Australia - Inflation Rate YoY (Q3)


In Australia, the most important categories in the consumer price index are housing (23 percent of the total weight), food and non–alcoholic beverages (17 percent), transport (11 percent), furnishings, household equipment and services (9 percent), alcohol and tobacco (9 percent), recreation and culture (9 percent), health (7 percent) and insurance and financial services (6 percent). Clothing and footwear, education and communication account for remaining 10 percent of total weight.

Germany - Ifo Business Climate (Oct)


In Germany, the IFO Business Climate Index measures entrepreneurs’ sentiment about current business situation and their expectations for the next 6 months. The survey is made by phone and covers 9,000 firms in manufacturing, the service sector, trade and construction. The Business Climate Balance is constructed as the difference between the percentage share of executives that are optimistic and the share that are pessimistic. This balance can take values between -100 (all responding firms assess their situation as poor and expect business to deteriorate) and +100 (all responding firms assessed their situation as good and expect an improvement in their business). For the calculation of the IFO Business Climate Index, the Balance is normalized to the average of a base year (currently 2015).

Canada - BoC Interest Rate Decision

In Canada, benchmark interest rate is set by the Bank of Canada's (BoC) Governing Council. The official interest rate is the Overnight Rate. Since 1996 the Bank Rate is set at the upper limit of an operating band for the money market overnight rate. Previously, from March 1980 until February 1996 the Bank Rate was set at 25 basis points above the weekly average tender rate for 3-month Treasury bills.

United States - Fed Chair Powell Speech


In the United States, the authority to set interest rates is divided between the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (Board) and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The Board decides on changes in discount rates after recommendations submitted by one or more of the regional Federal Reserve Banks. The FOMC decides on open market operations, including the desired levels of central bank money or the desired federal funds market rate.

Euro Area - ECB Interest Rate Decision


In the Euro Area, benchmark interest rate is set by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank. The primary objective of the ECB’s monetary policy is to maintain price stability which is to keep inflation below, but close to 2 percent over the medium term. In times of prolonged low inflation and low interest rates, ECB may also adopt non-standard monetary policy measures, such as asset purchase programmes. The official interest rate is the Main refinancing operations rate.

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