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Dhanteras: Auspicious Day to Buy Gold

by AgaBullion
Dhanteras: Auspicious Day to Buy Gold

Dhanteras also is a popular Hindu festival that marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations, usually occurs on the second day prior to Diwali.

This year Dhanteras was celebrated on 22 October. People celebrate the festival by following the practice of buying utensils and jewellery on the occasion.

The story of Dhanteras dates back to ancient times when king Hima's son was born. After the birth of Hima's child, the astrologers predicted that his son would die at the age of 16 from a snake bite. The king made a plan to avoid his son's death and married him to a girl that could save his life.

On the prophesied date of Hima's son's death, the girl put out all of her jewellery and ornaments in front of the door along with a lot of lamps. The young bride did not stop at that. She kept her husband awake by telling him tales and even sang songs to ensure he did not fall asleep.


The god of death paid a visit to the couple in the form of a snake but failed to reach Hima's son, as the snake got distracted because of the gold ornaments and silver coins kept in front of the door. The reptile slithered on the top of the shiny things and started listening to the tales being narrated by the girl.

After listening to the bride's singing and her tales the whole night, the snake then went away and Hima's son managed to beat the prophecy of his death. Thus, the legend of Dhanteras came into being.

From that time, the light of lamps is spread at the door of the house to drive away the evil. The belief is that by doing this evil and evil forces are destroyed.

According to mythology, it is believed that gold and silver protect you from bad omens and anything negative, which is why it is considered extremely auspicious to buy these precious metals, especially on Dhanteras.

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