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5 things to know before the World Market opens 24th May2022

by AgaBullion
5 things to know before the World Market opens 24th May2022

1. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting - Switzerland

The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting takes place in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from 22-26 May 2022. It addresses the theme of History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies. It is the first global in-person leadership event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Public Sector Net Borrowing (APR) - United Kingdom

In the UK, public sector net borrowing measures the change in the public sectors accruing net financial indebtedness. This represents the balance for the financial account: the difference between the net acquisition of financial assets and the net incurrence of liabilities. Public sector net borrowing (PSNB) is often referred to by commentators as “the deficit”.

3. Business Confidence (MAY) - France

In France, Business Climate measures industrial entrepreneurs’ sentiment about current business situation and expectation about business conditions. The survey sample comprises about 4,000 enterprises in the manufacturing and mining industries. The indicator is calculated using factor analysis technique. The index is then calculated in a way to measure the current sentiment in relation to the historic index values of the period 1993-2011. A value over 110 indicates unusually high optimism and a value under 90 indicates unusually high pessimism. The value 100 indicates neutrality.

4.  S&P Global Manufacturing PMI Flash (MAY) - Germany

The Markit/BME Germany Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index measures the performance of the manufacturing sector and is derived from a survey of 500 industrial companies. The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index is based on five individual indexes with the following weights: New Orders (30 percent), Output (25 percent), Employment (20 percent), Suppliers’ Delivery Times (15 percent) and Stock of Items Purchased (10 percent), with the Delivery Times index inverted so that it moves in a comparable direction. A reading above 50 indicates an expansion of the manufacturing sector compared to the previous month; below 50 represents a contraction; while 50 indicates no change.

5. New Home Sales MoM (APR) - United States

A sale of the new house occurs with the signing of a sales contract or the acceptance of a deposit. The house can be in any stage of construction: not yet started, under construction, or already completed. New home sales account for about 10 percent of the US housing market. New single-family home sales are extremely volatile month-to-month and preliminary figures are subject to large revisions because they are mostly drawn from building permits data.

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